"We believe in a partnership that supports family, farm and our community"

We’re vets. We’re also retailers. Our blend of medicine & merchandise under co-operative vet club governance is unique in NZ. Nowhere else will you find the same depth & breadth of on-farm involvement shared by one team, under one roof. It helps us do a better job, & helps our clients get better results. 


The Country Store is a thriving one-stop rural supplies shop for farmers, lifestylers & small animal owners throughout Golden Bay. It brings us closer to our clients, & makes our business more sustainable.  


Because we are a true club, as well as Golden Bay’s only vets, our profits are re-invested back into the community. Whether it’s a new clinic, reduced fees, discounted treatments, or simply running morale-boosting social events during tough times, we can do things here that aren’t always commercially viable elsewhere. 


We’re a mixed practice, dominated by grass-fed dairy production. Our farmers milk on average 300 cows each, & many are inter-generational family businesses. Small animals are well catered-for thanks to an extensive clinic upgrade in 2010. 


Two Great Walks. Two National Parks. Two wildly different coasts. One of the world’s longest natural sand spits (& a wildlife reserve of global significance). Dozens of beaches. Fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, caving, hiking, mountain biking & tramping opportunities galore. Arts, music, food. And did we mention the sunshine? 


  • The only practice of its type in NZ 
  • Community-centred 
  • Seasonal dairy + small animals 

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